Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life, a journey...

Life has been a great journey so far…

My wanderlust, my erratic choices in life the values and beliefs clutched to my heart with so much pride.
I did not find one truth path... I wandered, I still am…in all this complex drama I redefined and reinvented myself many times and I lost myself several times again, still holding on to my core personality… people mistook my pride and vagrant nature for arrogance .. I was still not the forgiving type… but the one I could not forgive was myself…

I feared men too much to start believing in them again. I think it was around that time when I was overcoming all these fears and with my faith in relationships shattered time and again I developed this flirtatious nature... where one could take it for seduction... maybe that’s the way I communicate…. Or, maybe that’s the way men understand me…I had no shame, had no despair… had no regret… I was moving on... I was moving ahead... still holding my belief in myself and the values I uphold to this day… from the mundane existence of my past I think I found liberation in this free willed wander lust which was reborn again and again... even in my dreams today for me now, and for the future it’s not devoid of the nomadic nature, nature….yes, and nature, anything natural… you see that in Swayyam..


  1. beautiful, bold, unadulterated and simple. love the way you captured your flow of thoughts. resonated something within.

    Life is the best journey of them all... esp the uncharted, unbeaten paths :)

    keep moving.

  2. Humbled ... thanks Parvez... The only way to share is to just get footloose....

  3. feels like you wrote what I was saying in my heart!